August 31, 2017


Once a dog or cat hit a certain age it becomes incredibly tricky and quite difficult to groom them as we once did. Often, most of the time, we can no longer leave your pet in the same style that he once wore, and we cannot seem to get the job done as quickly. It is important the your groomer is not rushed to groom your older pet, as their skin tears quite easily these days, and usually your pet is disoriented. Keeping your dog or cat short makes it so that you don’t have to groom as often, but don’t go too long because if the dog matts it will have to be shaved. Older dogs and cats cannot withstand the intense dematting processes it once did.
Regular bathing is essential. If you do the bathing at home be sure to brush out your pet first and after it is dry to avoid them getting matted or bring them in every two weeks or so for a bath. We wash them twice and condition them as well as express the anal sacs. Nails can be checked and ears cleaned upon request.
If your pet has long hair, keep the area around the rear end clipped short. Feces often mat in the hair causing skin irritations and unpleasant odors. Senior dogs and cats often fail to keep this area as clean.

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