August 31, 2017

Dog Grooming Needs

Upon taking a dog along with you at home, you need to make sure that they have what it takes to live happy and contented with you. Dog grooming is very vital to make sure that your pet is well taken care of. You need to bathe him on a regular basis and make sure that he is free from fleas to keep him happy at all times. Here are some of the most important things you need to know regarding proper grooming of your dog:

  1. First thing you must do is to make him used to bathing and the refreshing feeling it brings. You need to run your fingers onto his fur so he will be relaxed and he will feel that you are there by his side so he doesn’t need to worry. Upon making him relaxed, now is the time for you to look for certain areas of the body that needs proper cleaning. One of the parts you need to watch out for is the dog’s hair. This can sometimes be matted so you need to find a perfected way to clean it and see where the knots are so you can resolve this issue.
  2. If you see that the hair where matted build ups are needs to be trimmed, you should be careful about it so your dog will not be harmed. Without the knots and long hair that may hinder him from moving around freely, your dog will be happy and there will be no hindrances around when you bathe him. Bathing also stimulates his skin so to release the natural oil and to make his coat glossier.
  3. Regular bathing is needed but if you saw some flakes on his skin, make sure that you change the soap you use on him because it causes his skin to be dry and flaky.
  4. After grooming, it is vital to shampoo your dog to take away fleas that migrates on his head. Just make sure that you carefully apply shampoo onto his head so the eyes will not be harmed. You need to read the label of the shampoo bottle you bought. It is vital especially if you are using an anti-flea shampoo since these types of shampoos should be used 2x or 3x a week only and must be left onto the head of the dog for not more than 3 minutes. Rinse after wards and dry him.

Bathing a dog is not easy but you need to do this to make sure that he will be healthy and happy all the days of his life with you.

You might ask, “How? Even if I’m not Home?”

It is actually not very hard to find the solution, but making it work can be harder. The secret is dependent upon making your pet think that you’re not home. Once you set the situation up, it is easier to accomplish. Simply get in your car and drive out to a nearby curb, get out of the car and walk as quietly as possible back to the house.

When you are setting the scene up, make sure to not underestimate your dog’s intelligence. If you miscalculate, he might turn it around and think that this whole situation is a farce or a game, just so he can have fun.

Furthermore, when you drive off in your car, don’t think that your pet will be fooled by you just shutting your door and feigning that you have left. Your dog is keener than you think. In order for him to believe that you are truly gone, he must hear the sound of you starting your car and driving off, and as the sound fades off in the distance, he will believe that you are actually gone.

When you are returning quietly, ensure that your dog does not hear you or get alarmed by keeping your footsteps or your keys completely quiet. Remember that dogs can hear things a lot better than we can and he will be on to you and realize that you haven’t actually left.

Setting up a Trap

If you have a dog that likes to hang out in the back yard, and you successfully attempted to sneak back into your home quietly, just sit back and wait. As soon as your dog begins barking, go into the backyard with your squirt gun, some tin cans or even water balloons to throw near him. Do this as many times as you can so that your dog can be trained to believe that even though he doesn’t hear you or see you, that you are actually near enough to make sure he doesn’t bark.

If he is a dog that likes to remain indoors, you should engage every family member to school your dog, as in, all of the members should quit the home together and go to the car. At least one person should stay near the front door, as long as they are not seen, while the rest get into the car and drive off. As soon as the dog barks, the remaining person should come in through the door and surprise the pet with a loud verbal command and use whichever item has come in handy thus far: tin cans or a water gun.
training the Rottie

Dogs Really Want to Know….

Being the owner of a bully breed, I know how difficult it can be to get our pets to listen to our commands.

Putting the time in to training your pet to have the correct behavior will assist in designing the general experience of your pets life.

A dog that is constantly yelled at becomes shy and meek for example. Support your dog in winning and learn the proper techiques to get what you want from you dog.


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