Get rid of those ticks

Ticks that are out and about are the visable adult, sesame-sized ones, noted Kristen Nordlund of the Centers for Disease  Control and Prevention.

Excessive dog barking

Tell your dog to stop barking using a look, a sound, or a physical correction. But don’t stop there.

Dental Health and your dog

Oral hygiene is an often-overlooked but important factor in your dog’s overall health.

Grooming packages

Springtime and your pet. Did you know that your pet probably has food allergies if scratching, chewing, or biting is going on?

Scissoring Specialists

Scissoring Specialists


Deshedding Tools can help you reduce the amount of loose hair from shedding!

Vaccines, Rabbies Shots & Newlsetters



It took us awhile to find a groomer that we like in the Cape Coral area. After trying a few I’m glad we stumbled upon A Touch of Class! They are very nice.
Great groomer! Great price!